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Teamwork Video - Perfect Team Meeting Opener

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We are big fans of fables at Open The Meeting. They appeal to all age groups. They are perfect for starting a meeting with. Fables can generate great discussion.

We created a short meeting opener out of one of our favorites titled: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall - A Teamwork Story." It has generated almost a half a million views on YouTube

The fable starts with a lion who was watching three big bulls eating and enjoying themselves in an open field. He tried to attack the bulls in the past several different times without success. However, the bulls stuck together and were able to defend the lion.

The lion had become discouraged and lost hope in ever becoming successful in eating them. He was no match for three very strong bulls with their sharp horns and hoofs.

However, the lion kept coming back. He couldn't resist, even though there was little chance he would have his meal.

Then one day there was a fight. This time when the lion came licking his hungry chops and watch them as he did every day, he found the bulls in separate corners of the field. They were as far away from one another as they could get.

It was now easier than ever to attack the bulls one at a time. Which he did to his great delight.

Many things can rip teams apart. Selfishness, egos and gossip are among several of them. Leaders must be careful to protect the unity of the team and do everything in their power to help them remain united.  

See our video United We Stand and share it at your next team meeting. It is a great meeting opener. 

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