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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell both digital downloads and DVDs that can be shipped?

A: Yes. There are two links at the top of the menu on our site: Digital Videos (Download) and Shipped Videos (DVD). Click on these links to find the videos available in digital and DVD formats. Digital downloads can be downloaded immediately and are a great option when you need the video ASAP. DVDs can be shipped two-day or standard ground shipping.

Q: Can I play digital downloads on a PC and/or MAC?

A: Yes, our digital downloads can be played on both computer formats. Instructions on how to play the videos are included with your download. 

Q: If I download a video, can I get a DVD shipped as well? 

A: Yes. You can get the DVD shipped at 1/2 off. Additionally, if you get a DVD shipped, you can get the digital download for 1/2 off.

Q: Are there any licensing restrictions with the videos?

A: All downloaded videos are single user licenses. You are restricted from sharing videos via email, server etc. The video is for your single purposes to use in training, presentations and meetings. If you would like to purchase an enterprise license, please email us at

Q: Will watermarks be removed on my purchased video?

A: Yes. Watermarks with warnings about using for only training purposes etc. are removed from purchased videos. 

Q: Do you accept Purchase Orders (POs)?

A: Yes, please email us at and let us know the organization you are purchasing from, your name and how we can contact you. 

Q: I just want the video and not the discussion guide. Can I purchase the video without the discussion guide?

A: We don't sell them separately at this time.  

Q: Can I use my purchased video in a PowerPoint?

A: Yes, there are several ways to do this. Please refer to your version of PowerPoint and follow the help guidelines for inserting media in slides.  

For any other questions please feel free to contact us at:

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